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The Tale of good things happening to bad people continued as I got to have an early morning (9am) board game play date!

My guest had brought along High Noon Saloon and, being the gracious host I am, I played and was quickly shot down in a pool of bourbon.

After we were warmed up, I presented him with the buffet of games I had dreamed about the night before.  Out of those he selected the oft lauded Twilight Struggle.  Learning from last time, I didn’t bother letting Ben choose between powers and thrust the Red Menace on him.  We played six full rounds with him getting a strong hold on Africa and the Middle East, but I ended it with a South American scoring at the beginning of the seventh.  He picked up the game quite well and I am happy to report that we both used Realignment rolls, a first for this copy of the game.

A quick break for barely-D grade fast food “beef” and we were back in action playing Hex.  All that practice on LittleGolem is paying off, I tell you.

I then explained Android: Netrunner to Ben for a Shaper (him) vs. Jinteki (me) match-up.  Either I am getting better at explaining the rules (not the case) or Ben is a superbly intelligent human/bioroid/clone because before I knew it, I was down two points and he was throwing around Netrunner lingo like an old pro.  He had a 1 in 5 chance to win the game on his final turn before I advanced and scored my third agenda to win 7-5.

The morning’s session was finished off with another bout in the High Noon Saloon where I faced off against both Brothers Karamazov.  My school marm managed to dispatch two whippersnappers to be the only one to walk away on her own two feet, off into the sunset.

Knowing that I may not even be done with gaming for the day, I count my blessings and wish you all a happy holiday season.  Until next time!

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