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Super necessary board game day yesterday.

Summoner Wars — Sera and I take down Jake and Tundle in a bloody and close match.

Innovation — I finally remember to score special achievements when I qualify for them and I avenge my loss from last time.  Also kind of fun to use the Soap technology to create an achievement out of thin air.

The Castles of Burgundy — Spielbox boards, I take 10d to Jake’s 10a.  10a does not forgive Jake’s misguided initial placement and he plays catch-up the entire game.  Same board that stymied me last time.  What are its strengths?  Does it have any?

Android: Netrunner — I’m up 4-2 but get snared and Private Security Force/Neural EMP’d.  Flatlined ignominiously.

Eclipse — Erik joined us for a Triple Terran Tussle.  Jake thinks he has the game won with his superior military but my one monolith and full on research strategy nets me a win 30-28-20.  Erik didn’t attack anyone until the very final turn.  V. Strange.

Pretty much got all my favorite games to the table today.  I’m really hoping there’s another day or two of gaming in the offing this week.  Until next time.

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