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Saturday/Sunday at the Mania:

I started out Saturday with a four player Civilization that nearly made me quit boardgaming all together (sorry Jeff, it didn’t).  I’m glad I got to try this but there was some serious downtime and I felt like I never did anything… and then the Egyptians sacked the Russians and the game was over.  Not a minute too soon.

Then, I agreed to be in a 5 player game of Android which is a game set in the future where two Corporations who produce androids are vying for a security contract or whatever.  I played Floyd, the devout, stoic biodroid who has a special relationship with his Priest and also is haunted by the thought of not having a soul.  Well, whatever.  I kicked ass and won thanks to some luck.  It took 5 and a half hours and I had a great time.

Sunday I had to drop off a game someone had bought from me and I stayed for a game of Navegador.  Surprise, surprise this is a game about ships and trading (see: every other Euro game).  I got third out of four but the game was quick and I liked it.  I’m worried I may buy it.

All in all, a good first Mania.  It is tiring to be around strangers all day so I only lasted about an hour today.  I got to try a lot of new games but unfortunately the games in my own collection that I haven’t played remain unplayed.  I will have to study some rules and organize groups before hand.  Anyway, I’m dying to play Dominant Species so let’s get it to the table soon!

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